Beer Festival Apps

The Beer Festival Apps are produced using a custom designed festival framework. This can be quickly tailored to the needs of individual festivals to provide a high quality, tailor-made solution in a very cost-effective way. In the past, it has been possible to go from design brief to having the app on the App Store in less than 3 weeks!

A festival companion app provides a modern alternative to the traditional festival booklet, boosts visitor enjoyment and provides festival organisers with valuable information on the beers that people enjoyed and want more of. Visitors can get a drink they will enjoy by selecting beers based on detailed descriptions, average ratings from other app users and the current availability. Individual drinks can be marked as unavailable in real-time, meaning no more time wasted queueing for a beer that has run out, or is not currently ready. Favourites and wish lists allow users to mark beers they want to try, and those they have particularly enjoyed.

All drink data is dynamically downloaded from a back-end content management system (CMS) and updates automatically. This allows drink data to be updated mid-festival, keeping the data current and accurate. Ratings are collected from all users, and also stored within the CMS. Apps regularly download the current average ratings for each drink, and this is displayed on the main drink lists.

Real-time notifications of favourite beers becoming available encourage increased attendance, and the social media integration provides an additional advertising channel for the festival.

The festival framework provides the underlying functionality, but the App can be tailored to the look and feel of your specific festival. Additionally, if required, I can provide and manage a back-end database systems to collate beer ratings, and provide real-time availability of different drinks. Availability states can be updated using online web APIs or via a specialised “administration” tool. This can be enabled on specific iPhones or iPads.

If your beer festival doesn't already have a modern mobile app, then get in touch to discuss your requirements and get your festival on the App Store in no time at all.

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App Features

Each drink lists contains name, brewery name, strength, style, tasting notes, average rating, and icons showing if it’s a favourite, on your wish list, or a drink you’ve already tried
List drinks by brewery, name, strength, average rating, type of drink or by beer style
Each drink can be tagged with specific allergen information, such as being gluten free, being suitable for vegans, or containing nuts
All drink data is dynamically downloaded from a back-end content management system (CMS) and updates automatically. This allows data to be updated mid-festival if the drinks change for any reason
Users can rate drinks and flag them as tried. Ratings are collated from all users and an average rating/number of ratings is regularly synchronised to each device. This allows people to see which the best beers are
There is a wish list to tag drinks you’d really like to try at the festival, and a favourites list to record which drinks you particularly enjoyed

Festival staff can mark individual drinks as being available or unavailable and this is automatically synchronised and shown on each device within a few seconds. This allows drinks to be marked as being not available when they run out, or are temporarily unavailable

This status can be updated by festival staff using the phone in their pocket! A special admin mode ships with the standard app and can be activated using a password. No special hardware is required

Push notifications can be sent to users allowing further customer engagement. This can be used for general reminders, festival announcements, promoting local pubs or events, or users could even register to be notified when a specific beer becomes available
Twitter integration with pre-populated tweet data based on drink, festival and any rating the user has given a drink