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Hello! I’m Craig Watkinson, a Solution Architect and Software Developer, providing design consultancy and mobile app development through my company Cambridge App Solutions.

I develop and maintain affordable apps for iOS and Android, so you can engage with your customers and deliver a unique brand experience.

Solutions Architect

I am an experienced Solutions Architect with a design background in real-time distributed applications, data and service migrations and IP networks. Working directly with customers, I provided the critical link between technical and non-technical teams. I have a broad technical knowledge, and use this to deliver business vision through practical, creative, cost-effective solutions. Leadership experience guiding diverse teams of global engineers and a proven track record of solution design, project implementation and improving quality in project processes, procedures and documentation.

I am TOGAF certified and have 15+ years of hands-on experience of the full SDLC. Working alongside commercial and project delivery teams, I have provided technical ownership from pre-project initiation, during implementation, and through to transitioning to support/BAU, ensuring the successful implementation of the designed solution.

Technically hands-on, and proficient with virtualised and cloud-based solutions, I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and have worked on multiple complex digital transformation projects, designing and integrating custom applications and networks in a SOA environment. Experienced in many aspects of architecting distributed applications, including: functionality, performance, security, resilience, availability, scalability, management and auditing.

High Performance


Highly Available

Fault Tolerant



App Development

I have been writing iOS and Android apps in my spare time for the past seven years, as well as designing, deploying and managing the required back-end databases. These have been deployed on traditional Unix servers, RaspberryPis and more recently using AWS serverless technology, Lambda, and MondoDB’s Atlas service. The result was a fault tolerant, highly scalable back-end that didn’t require any server rollout or management, now or in the future. Incredible!

Apps have incorporated push notifications for enhanced customer engagement, and Bluetooth beacons to provide location context.

The majority of my time has been spent developing apps for beer festivals, and now it is possible for me to produce a customised app for a beer festival within a very short time, and at a very competitive cost.

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